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   English introduction


The Seoul Glory Church  was pioneered in 1994 by Pastor Joshus.

Seoul Glory Church is Presbyterian church. and, It is beautiful spot that guide new faith of 21th century information-oriented society. This church is church which many people want to go, and it is church which want to inform, and it is church which want to stay, and it is church which want to work.

Our church is deep gratitude of faith. and, it is church which grow fast. Holy Spirit's miracle is occurring every day. Here is hot prayer and praise of grace. pastor is television evangelist. Worship real condition is relaid by a television and internet broadcast all over the world. Proceed to make the spiritual Korea using God's ability. Also, I want to give delight and divine nature in life to Spirit who wander immaterially. This is our vision.

Thorough sacrifice of a senior pastor and obedience of attainment of perfections are accomplishing creation. It is church such as the happy and warm hometown place. t is church of Holy Spirit center and there is deep gratitude on worship. people hear rumor and people are gathering much. Is presenting new model of Korea church. Is spreading that become spirituality leader of new millenium and vision which get into Korea church spiritual heart. Greatly desire to accomplish beautiful faith community coming.


primary objective of SGC mission


1. Establishing branch churches at home and overseas.
2. Sending and supporting missionaries.
3. Hosting the evangelistic meetings at home and overseas.
4. Publishing and mailing mission Newspapers and books.
5. Producing and mailing audio and video tapes.
6. We use all kinds of mass media to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth.
(i. e. satellites, internet broadcasts)
Seoul Glory Church is ....

1. A church which manifests the work of the Holy Spirit just as the early churches did in the book of Acts.
2. A church founded on the Author and Perfecter of faith that produces works.
3. A church whose committment is first to mission.
4. A church in which the poor, the sick and the wandering souls can find healing and rest.
5. A church which demonstrates the love of God by providing relief to the troubled.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.
It is our prayer in the name of the Lord that you will come and visit our church, and experience the presence of the Lord.

May you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Saviour, receive eternal life, and enter the Kingdom of heaven.

Contact Seoul Glory Church


Seoul Glory Church

Address : Shinwol 1Dong, 95-6, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea  158-826

Phone : 82-2-2602-0690

Mobile : 82-10-2282-6679 (Senior Pastor Joshua)

E-mail : pastorlove@hanmail.net (Senior Pastor Joshua)







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*대한예수교 장로회 서울영광교회 주소 : 우)158-091 서울특별시 양천구 신월1동 95-6 /상담 TEL: 010-2257-9767
*대한예수교 장로회 김포영광교회 주소 : 우)415-748 경기도 김포시 장기동 1324 / 상담 TEL : 031-987-0697 [개인정보보호방침]