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What is an Encounter with God?


A person walk in the Vision must start with an Encounter with God. In Scripture, men of God had startling encounters with Him before they went on to accomplish great exploits. For example, Abraham encountered God when He told Abraham to leave his country for the land God would show him (Genesis 12). Moses witnessed the burning bush before he led the Israelites to freedom (Exodus 3). Jesus was baptized in water and with the Holy Spirit before he embarked on ministry (Matthew 3).

In today context, people need an encounter with God just as much as the men of God in the Bible.

For a new convert, this is a time when the person faces all his or her past hurts, bondages and generational sins; and receive the healing and anointing of the Holy Spirit. For a non-believer, the Encounter is a time for him or her to receive a revelation of the Cross and to be freed from his bondages. Many salvations have taken place at Encounters.

The Encounter covers the following topics:

What is a true Encounter?
Repentance and the Father Love
The Joy of Forgiveness
Redemption Plan
Faith to heal the Wounded Soul
Peniel Experience ?Breaking of Generational Curses
Family Commandments
Water Baptism
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Vision for Success

The Encounter takes place over three days in a place removed from normal distractions, like a resort. People who had attended Encounters all over the world report that they were otally transformed? enewed? and econciled with their families and their past?

The Encounter is also the start of the G12 equipping process. After the Encounter, new believers are baptized and join a cell. All participants proceed to Post-Encounter lessons where they learn about holy living and then to School of Leaders classes where they are equipped to mentor others.

Have you attended an Encounter yet? If you are interested, please sand email pastorlove@hanmail.net with your name, country and address.

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