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Pastor Joshua


Pastor introduction

Pastor Joshua is a person who have passion which prepare renewal and the future of age.

He received God's calling while he studies electronics in college.
And, studied theology to become pastor.

He is broadcasting preacher and radio program host.

He is best seller writer.
And, he is columnist of several newspaper.

He started the church with just eight people.

He was inspired by the G12 cell group system used by Cesar Castellanos and through the implementation of the G12 Vision, which consists of training twelve people just like Jesus did, and is impacting the nations of the earth.

In 2005, God spoke to him and told him : " Dream because dreams are the language of my Spirit. "
He then received the vision and saw multitudes of people surrendered to God, not only in Korea but in all the nations of the earth as well.

Years later, they began to make use of auditoriums, coliseums, and stadiums in different cities to carry out the services.

He is having dream which have festival worship in the largest stadium in the South Korea.

many others have led thousands of people to strengthen their faith, to draw closer to God , to understand God's purpose for each life, and above everything else, led them to believe that the dreams, with God, are a reality.

Joshua is known throughout Asia as a dynamic speaker, communicating the message of faith in a very relevant and contemporary way.
He has a strong vision to train 21st century leaders who would plant strong local churches everywhere in Asia.
These days, he travels around the world as an entrepreneur, educator and conference speaker.





Family picture




         pastor Joshua's Time that preach



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